Subway serenade

“Brooklyn Bridge 5 minutes,” reads the neon green lettering of the digital sign at the 59th Street subway station near Hunter College. The two subway platforms, split by dual tracks, are littered with wet people, toting dripping umbrellas or bulky … Continue reading

Lonely heart and pretty boys

The smell of stale alcohol and Pine-Sol pervades the dark and musty interior. The newly refurbished bar, composed of brownish-red mahogany with chairs to match, seats a few older gentleman who casually eye the tight T-shirt-wearing pretty boys prancing around … Continue reading

A crack in the shield

New York is a lot of things. It’s a traveler’s paradise — well, not like the glossy magazine photos of some far away tropical getaway. It’s a place to escape from the confines of the suburbs in the Tri-State area. It’s … Continue reading