I wasn’t sure how to start this. So I did what I always do when I’m stuck. I googled. Aside from a few links to repair shops and some sites that tell you how to fix a broken PC I came across the definition of the word. Repair means to restore to sound condition after damage or injury, like you would repair a car or a broken television. You might take it to a repair shop and hope that the repairs will not cost more than what you paid in the first place.

But what about things you can’t take to a repair shop to fix. Things like relationships and your day-to-day life.

Today, I got a text from my mother. May seem usual to you, but I can assure you it’s not a regular occasion. In fact, I haven’t spoken to her in over a year. She texted to tell me that her and her husband are moving to Virginia. It was a surprise to hear from her, but not a surprise that she was moving. I figured they would move back to Alexandria, where her husband used to live and continually raves about, eventually. I didn’t want the conversation to end at that so I replied that I would like to know her address. She gave me a general area and asked if I wanted some stuff that I left at the house.

I doubt I will ever rollerblade again, but some of the furniture she offered would certainly look nice in my new apartment. So, I responded and we set up a date to meet so I could pick up my left over things. She said to meet her at her townhouse, the place I used to call home and haven’t stepped foot inside since I left almost three years ago.

The meet would be awkward. That’s for sure. But, I figured it was time we attempted to repair our relationship. The meeting may not be the defining moment in our relationship when everything is returned to its original quality, but it could be the first step in the process… the initial trip to the repair shop.

Repairing a relationship is a lot harder than fixing a computer or TV. It’s complicated and new parts can’t be ordered to replace the old ones. It takes time, apologies and communication to repair the trust that was broken. And even when you work and work for years at repairing that trust it may never return to the spanking new condition it was once in. But, what else is there to do but attempt to fix it. Otherwise, it will just remain broken.


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