Sometimes when I’m walking down the street I like to smile at strangers. Nothing creepy, just a slight twinge of the lips, or sometimes a full-on toothy grin (depending the type of mood I’m in). It’s kind of fun. Sometimes people smile back or even start up a conversation, but most of the time people just continue on their way, too busy to notice or stop to exchange a small expression.

Even though I’m sometimes ignored I take pride in the fact that I may have changed someone’s day, given someone the smallest expression that says, “hey, I noticed you.”

Its an amazing thing what a smile can do. It can connect you to anyone without muttering a word. It can say hey I’m having a good day and you should too. It can say hope you feel better, or hang in there.

When I see other people doing it too it gives me hope that there’s still human compassion in the world where everyone is rushing from point A to point B without stopping to (pardon the cliche) smell the roses.

So next time you’re walking down the street smile at someone you don’t know. It may just brighten up their day.


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